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The OVERALL GRAPHIC SHAPE OF THE LOGO is patterned after a tobacco leaf, its angular stance represents the dynamism of the NTA, as well as, the foresight, commitment and determination of the major sectors of the tobacco industry, the Agency and the national leadership.

The TOPMOST GREEN GRAPHIC, POINTING UPWARDS, represents the NTA's twin mandates of improving, firstly, the quality of life and income of the tobacco farmers including those whose livelihood depend on the industry and, secondly, the balanced growth of the tobacco industry.

  • The GOLDEN YELLOW, TAN AND DARK BROWN STRIPS, ALL WITH GREEN BANDS, AT THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE LOGO, represent the three types of leaf tobaccos which are commercially grown in the country, namely, Virginia, Burley and Native.

    The YELLOW HALF-OVAL GRAPHIC symbolizes the industry's bright future and global competitiveness, radiantly contributing to the national progress and prosperity.