Irrigation Support Project

National Tobacco Administration Irrigation Support Project for Small Tobacco Farmers CY 2015, Batch 2.  [Click to view]

Communal irrigation system gives quality water source for farmers

LARGE areas in the tobacco-growing regions are suit¬able for quality tobacco production. Unfortunately, some of these areas produced inferior quality of tobacco leaf or not planted with the desired tobacco type, like the full flavor tobacco.  [full story]

Registered tobacco farmers get more gov’t benefits

THE tobacco farmers can now depend on government support for free crop in¬surance coverage from the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC), loan assistance from the Agri¬culture and Fishery Financ¬ing Program (AFFP) of the Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC) and a free Universal Health Coverage under the National Health Insurance program of the government.  [full story]

Tobacco industry seeks alternatives

THE tobacco industry in the Philippines is currently facing many challenges, especially after the government increased taxes on “sin products” like cigarettes.  [full story]

NTA expands “Oras ni Mannalon ti Tabako” broadcast coverage

THE National Tobacco Ad¬ministration has expanded coverage for its “Oras ni Mannalon ti Tabako” Radio Program for 2014-2015 to¬bacco cropping season, with additional three radio sta-tions, bringing to six radio programs for its branch of¬fices in Region 1 and Abra.  [full story]

Administrator's Priorities for CY 2015

ALL our development efforts are intended to make the difference for the local tobacco industry, for the betterment of the lives of our tobacco farmers.  [full story]

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