Programs | Corporate Priorities


In aggressive pursuance of its mandates and thrusts, the NTA accords top priority to the following programs/projects/activities for CY 2013:

1. Market-Driven Quality Tobacco Production, addressing the growing demand for domestic manufacturing and export markets, primarily through the Tobacco Contract Growing System (TCGS), that will include the production of improved and full flavor/blending type tobacco. This also includes:

  • The technology development activities and services;
  • The search for outstanding tobacco farmers or Tobacco Grower of the Year contest;
  • The Integrated Farming and Other Income Generating Activities(IFOIGAP) where NTA provides assistance to tobacco farmers in the production of rice and high value crops, hog and poultry raising. the Project includes value-adding/processing, where it will establish the AgriPinoy Tobacco Farmers Food Processing and Trading Center in Ilocos Region in 2012, which will buy farmers produce, and process and sell to Bagsakan Centers, govt. offices and hospitals in Region 1 and Metro Manila; and the AgriPinoy Tobacco Farmers Milling Complex, to include feedmill to cater to the requirement primarily of the farmer-beneficiaries of hog fattening and broiler production project of the AgriPinoy Food Processing Plant and farmer-cooperators of the IFOIGAP-Rice Production Project;

2. Continuing Exercise of Regulatory Authority under existing laws. At present, NTA has covered production and trading of leaf and the importation and exportation of tobacco leaf and tobacco products. The NTA intends that in the future, it will also cover the processing of leaf and the manufacture, distribution and sale (wholesaling and retailing) of cigarettes, with emphasis on the compliance to standards, detection of fake products and shelf life;

3. Quality Assurance for Tobacco Leaf and Manufactured Products,will concentrate in the provision of services that ensure the quality of land, water, fertilizer and leaf tobacco, including the continuing study and monitoring of physical and chemical quality of cigarettes, as an input to continuing technology adjustments, standards formulation and effective regulation enforcement and compliance;

4. Continuing Research and Development, and Implementation of pioneering ventures (the other industrial uses of tobacco), to include among others, the enhancement of technologies and profitability of the production of tobacco dust, tobacco handmade paper and tobacco extracts as pesticide for vegetables, fruits and ornamentals;

5. Farmers' Organizational Development to include continuing registration of farmers, strengthening farm clusters, organizational development and livelihood assistance, to enable the farmers to become self-reliant, food-secured and become active partners of development;

6. Scholarship Program for Tobacco Farmers Children/Dependents (National Free Public Education). In collaboration with the CHED and TESDA, in regions 1, 2 and CAR. The scholarship includes baccalaureate and technical/vocational courses, preferably in the field of agriculture; and

7. Renewable Energy Farm Development and Restoration of Ecological Integrity of Tobacco Growing Regions will address the fuelwood requirement of the farmers in the flue-curing for Virginia tobacco, as well as assist in the reforestation efforts of the tobacco growing regions.