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Implementing Guidelines for Tobacco Free Education Program


    The Philippine Tobacco Industry is one of the strongest pillars of the national economy, generating for the Government more than PhP30 Billion revenue, a year, and providing livelihood and sustenance to two (2) million people including the 500,000 tobacco farmers and their families.

    In 2004, the Philippine government ratified the World Health Organization – Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC), which is aimed to protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke, as well as, to reduce continually and substantially the prevalence of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke. The provisions on tobacco control of the said international agreement are viewed to have a great adverse effect to the tobacco industry particularly on the part of the tobacco farmers.

    In consideration of the foregoing developments and to protect the interest of the tobacco farmers, the NTA adopted the foregoing implementing guidelines in order to provide scholarship grants to deserving and qualified dependents of tobacco farmers, pursuant to the policy of the government, under Executive Order No. 245, which is: "To improve the quality of life of all those who depend upon the industry as a source of livelihood".


    The program intends to implement a Tobacco Free Education, as embodied in the herein implementing rules and guidelines, with the hereunder objectives, to wit:

    1. To enable the poor but deserving children of tobacco farmers to avail of scholarship grants from state universities and colleges and private/public technical/vocational schools;
    2. To provide a "safety net" to prepare them in case of any eventuality that may result from the implementation of the guidelines on tobacco control;
    3. To protect the interest and welfare of the tobacco farmers and their families, as per State policy; and
    4. To encourage a career in the field of Agriculture as a career option to optimize the program's contribution for the continuing development/modernization of the sector, for the ultimate benefit of the farmers and their families.


    The NTA Free Education Program shall cover the following:

    1. Educational Courses – The scholarship program shall cover:
      1. Baccalaureate Courses – any 4-year course, preferably agriculture/fisheries/forestry and home technology/ economics courses; and
      2. Technical or Vocational Courses – any technical/ vocational courses under the TESDA job-directed training programs.

    2. Beneficiary Coverage – The scholarship program shall be open to deserving children of bona fide tobacco farmers. Bona fide tobacco farmers shall refer to tobacco farmers duly registered with the NTA.
    3. Participating SUCs/schools – scholarship grantees shall enroll only in state universities and colleges and/or public/private technical schools located within the province of his/her residence.
    4. Geographic Coverage – The scholarship grants shall be distributed to the major tobacco growing provinces of Region I (Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan), Region II (Cagayan and Isabela) and Cordillera Autonomous Region (Abra).


  5. Province Number of Scholars 4-Year Course (PhP3,000.00 per sem.)
    Job-directed Training Program
    (PhP12,000, per 6-month program)
    1st Half 2nd Half Total
    Ilocos Norte 14 10 2 2 4
    Abra 10 8 1 1 2
    Ilocos Sur - Candon 36 29 4 3 7
    Ilocos Sur - Bantay 15 11 2 1 3
    La Union 17 12 2 1 3
    Pangasinan 19 14 2 2 4
    Cagayan 10 7 1 1 2
    Isabela 17 12 2 1 3
    Total 138 110 16 12 28
    x Annual Grant   PhP6,000     PhP12,000
    Sub-total P996,000 P660,000 P192,000 P144,000 P336,000


    For the effective and efficient implementation of the program, the following strategies, rules and guidelines are hereby adopted for the National Tobacco Administration - Free Public Education, to wit:

    SECTION 1. DEFINITION OF TERMS – As used in this implementing guidelines, the following terms shall mean:

    1. NTA – the National Tobacco Administration;
    2. Administrator – the Chief Executive Officer/Head of Agency of the National Tobacco Administration;
    3. Tobacco Grower/Farmer – refers to tobacco grower/farmer who was registered with the NTA;
    4. Qualified Tobacco Grower's Dependent – a legitimate child of the tobacco grower, not more than 30 years of age, and who is totally dependent on the tobacco grower for support;
    5. Tobacco Growers Scholarship Program (TGSP) - the scholarship grant for the qualified dependents of tobacco grower, comprising of tuition fees, stipend and other miscellaneous fees for the whole duration of the chosen course;
    6. Bachelor's degree – any four-year degree course offered by the State Colleges and Universities within the tobacco producing provinces;
    7. Technical and Vocational Course – courses under the TESDA Job-Directed Training Programs, preferably in agriculture/fisheries/forestry/home economics/technology;
    8. SUCs – means the state universities and colleges owned and/or operated by the government and located within the tobacco producing provinces of Regions I and II and the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR);
    9. Technical and Vocational School (TVS) – any institution that offers technical courses located with the tobacco producing provinces of Regions I and II and the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR), operated either by the government or private individual/corporation;
    10. Scholarship Contract – the agreement executed by and between the scholar/grantee, which contains all the terms and conditions of the scholarship grant/award and the obligations of each party.

    Section 2. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS - Tobacco growers' dependents may avail of the TGSP, if he/she:

    1. is a legitimate dependent of a tobacco grower as certified by the NTA;
    2. is a high school graduate as evidenced by a diploma/certificate or candidate for graduation from high school;
    3. is not more than 30 years old at the time of the application and evaluation as evidenced by a NSO-authenticated Certificate of Live Birth;
    4. has not availed of any government scholarship and/or grant;
    5. is in good health as evidenced by a medical certificate issued by a licensed government physician;
    6. is a bona fide resident of a tobacco producing barangay as per Barangay Clearance; and
    7. as passed the written entrance tests administered by the SUC/TVS.

    However, a tobacco grower's dependent who had already enrolled may still apply for the grant.


    1. Application form or its facsimile for a TSGP grant shall be available at the NTA Central Office and any of its Branch Offices nearest to the applicant's residence. The form, which will be given free of charge, may be reproduced.
    2. The applicant shall submit the duly accomplished form to the NTA Branch Offices concerned not later than the deadline set for filing. Applications received beyond the deadline set shall be treated as reserved applications and categorized under the waiting list.
    3. The applicant shall be required to apply for a scholarship grant in the college/university in the province where her/his parent/s was/were registered as tobacco farmer/s.
    4. The applicant shall be required to submit, in order of preference, three (3) identified bachelor's degree program or technical/vocational courses that he/she intends to pursue.

    Section 4. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS – The following documentary requirements shall be submitted together with the application:

    1. Accomplished application form 01;
    2. Certification by NTA that the applicant's parent is a registered bona fide tobacco grower;
    3. Authenticated Certificate of Live Birth;
    4. Medical Certificate;
    5. Barangay Clearance;
    6. Certificate of Good Moral Character and/or Honorable Dismissal;
    7. National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) Certificate;
    8. High School Report Card or Form No. 138; and
    9. Certificate of Rating and/or Notice of Admission issued by the SUC/TVS where the applicant intends to enroll.

    Section 5. EVALUATION OF TGSP APPLICATIONS – All applications for a scholarship grant shall be accepted, pre-screened and submitted to the NTA, through the respective NTA Branch Offices, to be evaluated by a screening committee/panel to be created by the NTA Administrator.

    Section 6. AWARD/GRANT OF SCHOLARSHIP PRIVILEGES – If the applicant passes the selection process, he/she shall be notified of the scholarship grant/award and a corresponding scholarship contract shall be executed for the purpose. In case of minors, their legal guardian shall represent them in the said contract.

    Section 7. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SCHOLAR - The scholar shall:

    1. sign a scholarship contract with the NTA providing the terms and conditions of the scholarship grant;
    2. finish a four-year bachelor's degree course or any technical or vocational course under the TESDA Job-Directed Training Programs, preferably in agriculture/fisheries/forestry/home economics/technology;
    3. complete all the requirements for the degree within the period allotted for such course or degree. This means completion of all academic units, term papers, examinations, and thesis or project/research study needed to earn the chosen degree or course; and
    4. maintain a general weighted average of at least 80%, with no grade less than 75% in any of the subject. In case the scholar receives a grade of less than 75% in any of his/her subject, he/she shall be automatically disqualified to continue to avail the privileges of his/her scholarship grant/award without further notice.


    1. screen and evaluate, all applications for scholarship grants based on the foregoing guidelines in the selection of a scholar/grantee;
    2. provide the qualified tobacco farmer dependents with scholarship grant in the amount herein provided, which grants shall be payable to the SUC/TVS for the account of the grantee or in case the grantee has already enrolled, the amount of grant shall be reimbursed by the NTA to the grantee, the funding requirements of which shall be sourced from its corporate funds;
    3. monitor and evaluate academic standing of the scholar/awardee in coordination with SUC/TVS.

    Section 9. DISCONTINUANCE OF THE SCHOLARSHIP GRANT – The following grounds shall be applied for the discontinuance of the scholarship grant:

    1. In case the scholar receives a failing grade in any subject for the whole duration of the degree or course, irrespective of the year level he/she is presently enrolled;
    2. In case a scholar discontinues his/her studies or fails to complete the chosen degree or course within the period allowed under this guidelines, for any reason; and,
    3. onviction of a crime involving moral turpitude.

    In the above cases, the scholar will be barred from availing any future scholarship grant under the TSGP.


    1. The grant shall be available only during regular semesters and shall not cover summer classes. If summer class is mandatorily required by the course, the grantee may continue, provided he/she shall shoulder the all the expenses in attendance thereto;
    2. If the scholar receives an incomplete grade in a particular semester or term, he/she shall be allowed to complete the same at his/her own expense in order to continue to avail of the scholarship grant for the immediate succeeding semester;
    3. In case a scholar discontinues his/her studies for reasons other than those beyond his/her control, such as serious illness or other analogous cases that incapacitates him/her to report to the school as certified by any licensed and qualified government physician, he/she may resume his/her studies for the next semester, provided, that the grant shall terminate on the fourth year, whether or not the grantee has finished all his/her academic requirements.
    4. privileges under the TGSP is non-transferable.

    Section 11. ADMINISTRATIVE SANCTIONS – In case the scholar/grantee, through his/her own fault, fails to comply with any of the provisions of these regulations and/or Scholarship Agreement, he/she shall reimburse all grants that he/she had already received reckoned from the time of availment of the grant.

    Likewise, the grantee, including that of his siblings, shall be blacklisted and prevented from availing any future grant under the program.

    Section 12. REPEALING CLAUSE – All rules and regulations and administrative circulars/issuances or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions of these rules and implementing guidelines are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

    Section 13. SEPARABILITY CLAUSE – If any provision of these rules and regulations is held invalid or unconstitutional, other provisions not affected thereby shall continue to be in full force and effect.

    Section 14. EFFECTIVITY – These rules and regulations shall take effect immediately and the grant shall start this First Semester of Academic Year 2011-2012.



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  • fn: Implementing Guidelines Tobacco Free Education Program 2011