Programs | Implementing Projects


I. Technology Development and Services Program for Market-Driven Quality Tobacco Production

To enhance global competitiveness of local tobacco industry, the program involves the continuing, systematic testing, development, introduction, transfer and adoption, maintenance of yield-increasing, quality enhancing, environment friendly, income/profit-increasing and competitiveness enhancing production and processing technologies to address specific volume and quality requirements for domestic manufacturing and for exports.   The NTA intends to implement the following activities for budget year 2015:

  1. Germplasm Collection, Characterization /Evaluation, Purification and Maintenance
  2. Integrated Production Technology Development/Enhancement
    • Improvement of Curing Structures and Processes for Virginia Tobacco
    • Development and Evaluation of Cultural Management for Virginia Tobacco in Response to Climate Change
    • Production, Application and Evaluation of Vermi Compost on Tobacco Yield and Quality
    • Development of Organic Fertilization Scheme for Tobacco
  3. Market Driven Quality Production
    • Integrated Farming and Other Income Generating Activities (IFOIGAP)
      1. IFOIGAP – Quality Tobacco Production (QTP) Component
      2. IFOIGAP – Other Components (Rice, Corn, HVCC)
      3. Agripinoy Tobacco Farmers Trading and Food Processing Center and Farmers Milling Complex
  4. Production Support Services
    • Tobacco Seed Production and Distribution
    • Development of Irrigation Systems in Support of High Quality Tobacco Production
    • Renewable Energy Farm Development and Restoration of Ecological Integrity
    • Branch Office Model Farms Project
    • Outreach Programs:  Tobacco Trading and Marketing in Occ. Mindoro and Mindanao

II. Industrial Research and Development Program

This program is concerned with the efficient and maximum utilization of the tobacco crop for industrial purposes.  As such, the program covers three major tasks which include the development/establishment of the standards of quality and quality assurance/control system for tobacco leaf and tobacco products for the purpose of enhancing global competitiveness, addressing public health consciousness and effective regulation; and, the continuing development and commercialization of the other industrial uses of tobacco to increase its utility, create new/expand demand and thereto augment farmers income, save and earn dollars, create new business activities/ employment, and increase revenue for the government; and, to serve as safety net in case of any eventuality that may arise due to aggressive, global, anti-smoking campaigns. Among the other industrial uses/ products are tobacco pulp and paper from tobacco stalks, tobacco dusts from tobacco leaves; tobacco extracts /veterinary products, and pesticides and seed oil, pharmaceutical product and food supplements. The major projects under the program include:

  1. Quality Standards and Assurance Systems Development 
    • Annual Physical and Chemical Evaluation of the Tobacco Leaf and Products
    • Harmonization of Leaf Grading Systems according to International Standards
    • Capability Enhancement on Leaf Grading System of Virginia and Burley Tobaco Leaf
    • Establishment/Upgrading of Laboratory Facilities and Equipment
  1. Other Industrial Uses of Tobacco Research and Development
    • Technology Enhancement of Tobacco Handmade Paper Production
    • Field Trials Using Tobacco Extracts  in the Control of Pests and Ornamentals

III. Market Research and Development Program

This program is aimed at determining specific demand/requirement to guide local production by the tobacco farmers and to increase and maximize the Philippines’ share in the local and international markets, which continuously grow over the years; The programs’ major implementing projects include:

  1. Market Research and Trade Promotion Program
    •  Tobacco and Tobacco Products of Cigar/Cigarettes:
      1. Country Profiling (Supply/Demand Profile, Trade Facilitators/ Barriers/ Competition, etc.)
      2.  Market Assessment Identification and Information Services
      3.  Employment Study, Cost and Return Study and Study on Smoking Population
      4. Tobacco's Other industrial Uses: (Tobacco Dust, Tobacco Virgin Pulp, Tobacco Handmade Paper, Ethanol, Tobacco Extracts)

IV.  Regulatory Services Program

  1. Licensing and Permit Issuance
  2. Overall Supervision of Leaf Trading Operations
    1. Automation of Tobacco Trading Operations Documentation
    2. Enforcement of Trading Rules and Regulations
  3. Monitoring, Supervision and Regulation of Import and Export, of Leaf Tobacco and Tobacco Products
  4. Formulation/Development of Implementing Rules/Regulations for
    1. Redrying/Preliminary Processing of Tobacco Leaf
    2. Manufacture of cigarettes and cigars
    3. Distribution and Sale (Wholesaling and Retailing) of Cigarettes/Cigars
    4. Control of Smuggling/Manufacture of Counterfeit Cigarettes/Cigars

V. Farmers Organizational Development Program

This program serves as the Agency’s main strategy for the social-political (leadership/participation) and economic empowerment of the tobacco farmers. From being the traditional recipients of government’s assistance, this program aims toward s nurturing the tobacco farmers to become truly self-reliant, self-sufficient and food secured.  Through the formation of honest–to-goodness tobacco-based cooperatives, the tobacco farmers will be given the opportunity to develop/enhance technical, leadership, entrepreneurial and organizational/management capabilities alongside, financial capability development. Eventually the strong well-managed cooperatives will serve as NTA’s active partner in the continuing identification, development and implementation of programs, projects and services for the benefit of the farmers as well as a strong lobby for the presentation and/or protection of farmers’ interests. The major implementing projects:

  1. Farmers’ Re-Registration and Profiling
  2. Strategic Planning and Continuing Organizational Development Assistance
  3. Revitalization of Farm Clusters
  4. Organizational Development Program
  5. Livelihood Assistance Project

VI. Institutional Development Program

This program responds to the need for an effective, efficient and responsive organizational machinery to initiate, direct, coordinate, integrate, evaluate and sustain the overall growth and development of the local tobacco industry.  The program includes the timely provision of adequate techno-physical support   to the implementation of regulatory and developmental services/projects for the industry and to   make available the number and quality of manpower expertise the different programs needs. As such, the Institutional Development Program accords due emphasis on the following projects/services:

  1. Corporate Planning and Management Services
  2. Management Information System and Automation Services
  3. Human Resource Development
  4. Medical Health Services
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation Services
  6. Financial Management Services
  7. Legal Affairs and Executive/Legislative Concerns
  8. Administrative /General Services Improvement
  9. Physical Facility and Infrastructure Development
  10. NTA Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness Program

VII. Scholarship Program for Tobacco Farmers' Dependents in compliance to R.A. 9211