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Citizen's Charter



Your welfare and satisfaction is our foremost concern, thus, we promise to provide the warmest office environment, as well as, hospitable and friendly service providers who shall attend to and assist youin all your concerns. These are available Mondays to Fridays, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

We shall promptly and efficiently act on all your concerns within five (5) days for simple transactions or ten (10) days for complex transactions.

We are public service-oriented, and as such, we offer our services with dedication, without expecting anything in return.

We earnestly solicit your comments, suggestions, and recommendations, as these are important to further improve our services and relationship with you.

We firmly affirm and confirm these commitments with a sense of responsibility and accountability, without reservations. We are committed to serve you…. The Officials and Employees of the National Tobacco Administration  


Please let us know how you have been served by doing any of the following:

  • Accomplish our Feedback Form available in all the Offices and drop in our Suggestions and Complaints Box located at the NTA Central Office Lobby or at our NTA Branch Offices.
  • Send your feedback through email at mis@nta.da.gov.ph
  • Talk to our OFFICER OF THE DAY, stationed at the NTA Central Office Lobby or NTA Branch Offices.

If you feel that our office personnel did not provide the expected courtesy, transparency, honesty and efficiency, you are encouraged to bring the matter personally to our Administrative Department Manager at the 3rd Floor, or call telephone number 372-3188 or the Administrative Officer of the Branch Office concerned.

You are also encouraged to suggest ways to improve the quality of service we provide. These suggestions will be taken up by the concerned offices. THANK YOU.

NTA Client Feedback Form