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Tobacco growing up - NTA

  • (By: Manila Bulletin)
    Administrator Edgardo D. Zaragoza of the National Tobacco Administration (NTA) said recently that tobacoo growing is on the upswing, with output rising for 2009 and the current year.

    Zaragoza, formerly mayor of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, stressed that from 34,226,220.50 kilos of Virginia tobacco in 2009, the yield grew to 39,225,529.50 kilos from January to October 2010, which means an increase of 14.6 percent.

    For Burley tobacco, the output for 2009 was 13,960,819.50 kilos but this grew to 17,005,510 kilos from January to October this year, representing a 21.81 percent growth.

    While the output for these two types of tobacco is rising, the yields of native tobacco is waning.

    Last year, the total yield of native tobacco was 10,384,566.33 kilos but this slid to only 9,161,730.63 kilos for this year, for a reduction of 11.78 percent.

    Value-wise, Virginia and Burley tobaccos fare much better than native tobacoo.

    For 2009, the total value for Virginia tobacco was P2,556,490,592.37 and rose to P2,687,321,210.34 this year for a 5.12 percent increase.

    Burley tobacco fretched P918,490,514.70 in 2009 and cost P1,184,719,616.31 this year for an increase in value of 28.99 percent.
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